Jay Hood

Jay Hood Greeting Visitors at Guantanamo Bay
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Major General Jay Hood's Biography

Marine Major General Jay Hood moved to Tampa to serve as the Chief of Staff to US Central Command (CENTCOM) and served under General David Petraeus from 2008-2010. When Gen. Petraeus left CENTCOM to lead the US effort in Afghanistan, Jay went to serve as the military liaison in the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Jay is best known for his role in running the US Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba during the initial phases of the US effort into Afghanistan and then into Iraq. During Jay's tenure, many of the allegations of torture took place as well as the controversy surrounding the removal of Korans from the prisoners. Jay has testified to Congress on multiple occasions as part of these investigations. Also during this time, Jay spent considerable time with the incarcerated Taliban leaders. Likely there is nobody in the United States government with more working knowledge of the Taliban leadership's lives. Following retirement in 2011, Jay spent a year and a half in the United Arab Emirates assisting in the strengthening of the UAB military.

Jay Hood's Tampa Bay Connection

Jay lives in South Tampa with his wife Lynne. He has spoken to many groups in the Tampa Bay area regarding Arab military and foreign policy.

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Community Connections

Jay is active in the retired defense community in Tampa, a member of the Committee on Foreign Relations.

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