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Bern's is a dining event that serves locals as well as tourists. The steakhouse has so many quirks and fun features that it is a guarantee that you'll walk away pleased to have gone. Bern's can be surprisingly inexpensive if you follow the normal course of a Bern's evening. Prepare to take your time.

There are five things you simply must do while at Bern's. The first is to find a bottle of wine that is inexpensive but was born at the time that you were. The second is to get to know your waiter or waitress and get the full skinny on what makes the place tick - all have been on Bern's farm as part of the job requirement. The third is to enjoy the vegetables and little side items that are put on your plate - all are made from scratch and have a story that comes along with them. The fourth is to take the kitchen tour when offered at the end of your dinner. Finally, the dessert room is absolutely over the top and is unlike anything you've ever seen. Steaks are nothing to get a wow over though - great aged beef but no seasoning as this will detract from the wine. Plenty of choices on the menu. You'll not walk away hungry or disappointed. Prepare to spend two or three hours at dinner including the dessert room.

The best way to tackle Bern's extensive menu is to take the advice of their waiters and sommelier. Our favorite way to enjoy Bern's is to stick with a price range of $30 per bottle of wine (or choose an older vintages by the glass), order a tableside Caesar Salad with the Steak Tartar. Don't miss the onion rings.
Bern's Steakhouse

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