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1. Clinton Urged Meek to Quit
St Pete Times Meek Clinton DP 2010.10.29

New York Times: Bill Clinton Tried to Get Meek to Drop Out

"Former President Bill Clinton last week tried to convince Kendrick Meek, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Florida, to drop out of the race – but Mr. Meek changed his mind at the last minute, a spokesman for Mr. Clinton said Thursday evening. Matt McKenna, Mr. Clinton’s spokesman, said the former president believed that Mr. Meek would not win on Tuesday and was urging him to drop out and endorse Charlie Crist, the state’s governor, who is running for the Senate as an independent."
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2. Halloween Candy Makes You Fat

Toronto Star: The Dish: Calories add up fast with Halloween candy

"There are a few things certain to happen in October: leaves will fall, frost will settle and candies, from Kit Kats to caramels, will get miniaturized. This week, The Dish looks at treats made tiny for Halloween trick-or-treaters. We didn’t have to resort to science to figure out the candies’ calorie load. Nutrition information is easily found on the back of the bags that hold the mini packets. But few of us look at those numbers. And fewer still sit down with a pencil, pad of paper and calculator to tally up the calories skulking in a pile of Halloween loot."
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3. Anti-Obama "Birther" Appeals Ruling

4. Colorado Governor: A Nice Campaign

5. Hillsborough Light Rail Costs Rise

St Petersburg Times: Light-rail cost estimates already exceeding initial projection
"TAMPA — Transit officials say they've done their best to ensure that projected costs for Hillsborough County's proposed light rail system won't rise dramatically in the future. But cost estimates already have spiked since county commissioners agreed this summer to ask voters if they support a 1-cent sales tax to pay for rail, more bus routes and road work."
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6. Verizon Settles Fee Fraud Case

New York Times: Verizon Deal Ends Inquiry Over Fees
"WASHINGTON — Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest mobile phone carrier, will pay $25 million to end an investigation into complaints that it had charged 15 million cellphone customers unauthorized data fees over the last three years, the Federal Communications Commission announced Thursday. Verizon announced this month that it intended to refund money to its customers for the unauthorized charges. Under a consent decree with the F.C.C. announced Thursday, the company also will pay a minimum of $52.8 million in refunds."
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7. US Cash: Solar Power Dependency

New York Times: Solar Power Projects Face Hurdles
"NIPTON, Calif. — The long-promised solar building boom in the desert Southwest is finally under way. Here in the Mojave Desert, a dice throw away from the Nevada border, giant road graders and a small army of laborers began turning the dirt for BrightSource Energy’s $2 billion Ivanpah project, the first large-scale solar thermal power plant to be built in the United States in two decades. "
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8. Best College Values in US

9. Missouri Civil Religion Center Opens

10. Voters Guide to the Elections

An analysis of the amendments that are on the ballot for the election.
Tampa Tribune: Tampa Tribune Candidate Endorsements here
St Petersburg Times: St. Petersburg Times Candidate Endorsements here
Florida Trend: "The Amendments: The lineup of ballot initiatives covers everything from Hometown Democracy to legislative redistricting.
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